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Pitkin County Assessor
530 E Main St #204
Aspen, CO 81611'970-920-5160

The Pitkin County Assessor reminds all persons owning, possessing, or controlling taxable personal property (furnishings, equipment, and other movable personal property) that the deadline for filing a Personal Property Declaration Schedule is April 15.

All persons who own, possess, or control taxable personal property with a total actual value greater than $7,900 per owner, per county, are required to report the personal property to the county assessor.

Failure to declare your personal property each year by the deadline will result in the assessor valuing your property using the "best information available" and attaching a penalty to your tax bill. If you did not receive a declaration schedule, please contact the
county assessor at 970-920-5160.

All personal property with a total actual value more than $7,900 (per owner, per county) is taxable unless specifically exempt by law.

Taxable personal property includes:

• All residential household furnishings used to produce income

• Equipment, furniture, and machinery used by commercial, industrial, and natural
resource operations

• Property used in an agribusiness that does not qualify as agricultural pursuant to § 39-1-102(1.6)(a), C.R.S.

• Expensed assets with a life greater than one year

• Fully depreciated assets still in use

• Personal property in storage that is subject to IRS depreciation

• Leasehold improvements

Equipment that is licensed as a motor vehicle (SMM plate or Z-Tab) is not reported on the Personal Property Declaration Schedule. If you have questions about the Personal Property Declaration Schedule, please contact the assessor's office at 970-920-5160

Published in the Aspen Times on April 15, 2021.