6. PURSUANT TO C.R.S., §37-92-302,

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6. PURSUANT TO C.R.S., §37-92-302, AS AMENDED, YOU ARE NOTIFIED THAT THE FOLLOWING PAGES COMPRISE A RESUME OF THE APPLICATIONS AND AMENDED APPLICATIONS FILED WITH THE WATER CLERK FOR WATER DIVISION 5 DURING THE MONTH OF JANUARY 2021. The water right claimed by this application may affect in priority any water right claimed or heretofore adjudicated within this division and owners of affected rights must appear to object and protest within the time provided by statute or be forever barred.
Application for Finding of Reasonable Diligence and to Make Partially Absolute. Gallegos Ventures, Inc., c/o Beattie Houpt & Jarvis, PO Box 1669, Basalt, 970-945-8659. Gallegos Well No. 1: Original decree entered 05/05/92 in 91CW80; subsequent decrees entered in 92CW341, 99CW98, 05CW174, and 12CW94. Decreed original point of diversion: in the NW¼SE¼ of Sec 15, T 4 S, R 83 W 6th PM, 2,350 ft from S Sec line and 2,250 ft from E Sec line. Decreed alternate point of diversion: (1) By decree entered 01/18/15, in 12CW94, the court approved an alternate point of diversion (known as Gallegos Pipeline No. 1), through which up to 35 gpm may be diverted, located on the N bank of the Eagle River in NW¼SE¼ of Sec 15, T 4 S, R 83 W 6th PM, 1,950 ft from S Sec line and 2,515 ft from E Sec line. Source: Gallegos Well No. 1: Groundwater trib to the Eagle and Colo Rivers; Gallegos Pipeline No. 1: Eagle River, trib to Colo River. Appropriation date: 04/02/91. Amounts and uses: 50 gpm, total: 15 gpm, absolute, and 35 gpm, conditional, for commercial, industrial, and irrigation purposes. Irrigated area is within Applicant's property in NW¼SE¼ Sec 15, T 4 S, R 83 W of the 6th PM, 100 Yacht Club Drive, Wolcott, CO. Depth: 800 ft. 39.4 gpm applied to beneficial use on 07/11/17 for irrigation. Description of place of use where water is applied to beneficial use: Applicant's property. Gallegos Well No. 1 operates pursuant to augmentation plan previously approved in 91CW80 and amended in 02CW381. The Application on file with the court includes a list of activities demonstrating diligence. Owners of land: Gallegos Well No. 1: Applicant; Gallegos Pipeline No. 1: Jouflas Family, 113 Mira Monte Rd, Grand Junction, CO 81507. (5 pages)
YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED THAT YOU HAVE until the last day of MARCH 2021 to file with the Water Clerk a verified Statement of Opposition setting forth facts as to why this application should not be granted or why it should be granted in part or on certain conditions. A copy of such statement of opposition must also be served upon the applicant or the applicant's attorney and an affidavit or certificate of such service shall be filed with the Water Clerk, as prescribed by Rule 5, CRCP. (Filing Fee: $192.00) KATHY POWERS, Water Clerk, Water Division 5; 109 8th Street, Suite 104 Glenwood Springs, CO 81601.