Blue River Horse Center, new volunteer Orientation

Silverthorne, 80498 | 06/11/2018 | Ad id: 8-0000256658

Self Awareness with Horses, 16 June 10-2pm
This class is designed to educate horse handlers in the various aspects of leadership through equine relationships. These structured interactions with horses expand our awareness of ourselves and our environment, opening us up to greater possibilities, leading to more positive choices, and a happier more fulfilling life.

Participants in this 4-hour class will learn the basics of animal communication and herd behavior (classroom – 45 minutes) to allow a safe working relationship with horses. Then they go outside for some interactive exercises with each other and observe a round pen demonstration (75 minutes). After a ½ hour lunch break, they learn about haltering and leading techniques that promote trust, collaboration and communication with the horse (in the arena with horses – 90 minutes).

During this process participants will learn the importance of their own thoughts and how it affects their body language and energetic communication. The way humans communicate with horses is either welcomed or rejected based on how we are being. If we want to be successful with a horse, we need to be aware of what the horse is seeing in us. The horse becomes an active mirror for our behavior (both positive and negative). By reading the horses’ reactions it helps us become conscious of our unconscious behaviors and to quickly develop skills that support positive outcomes.

(Wear ranch clothes with sturdy shoes and long pants. Bring a bagged lunch and water)

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