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DISTRICT COURT, EAGLE COUNTY, COLORADO P.O. Box 597 Eagle, Colorado 81631 ST. JAMES PLACE CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION, a Colorado non-profit corporation, Plaintiff, v. MASTER DEVELOPERS II, LLC, a North Carolina Limited Liability Corporation, Defendants. Kerry H. Wallace, #21033 GOODMAN AND WALLACE, P.C. P.O. Box 1886 Edwards, Colorado 81632 Tel: (970) 926-4447 Fax: (970) 926-5009 Email Me Attorneys for Plaintiff Case No. 2018CV30240 Div.: Ctrm: COMBINED NOTICE OF SHERIFF SALE AND RIGHT TO CURE OR REDEEM TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: 1. Sheriff Sale Proceeding No. #19-000287 . 2. Pursuant to the March 6, 2019 Order of Default Judgment directing foreclosure and the March 8, 2019 Writ of Execution entered in the above captioned case, I have been directed to sell the below listed real property involving the following parties and obligations: a. Property Owner name(s): MASTER DEVELOPERS II, LLC; b. Deed at issue: Condominium and Interval Ownership Declaration St. James Place, recorded February 9, 2007 at Reception No. 200704357 as amended and supplemented from time to time; c. Deed recorded with Eagle County, Colorado Clerk and Recorder on June 7, 1990 at Book 531 and Page 35; d. Original holder of Deed: ST. JAMES CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION; e. Beneficiary of Deed (i.e. Foreclosing Party): ST. JAMES CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION; f. Notice of Assessment Lien recorded with Eagle County, Colorado Clerk and Recorder on March 1, 2017 at Reception #201703543; and g. Original balance due: $2,022.10; Balance currently due $7,221.50, plus any additional accrued assessments, late fees, interest, attorney fees, and costs. 3. The legal description of the Property to be sold: INTERVAL NO. (S) 24 IN CONDOMINIUM UNIT R-308 ST. JAMES PLACE, A CONDOMINIUM AS DEFINED IN THE CONDOMINIUM AND INTERVAL OWNERSHIP DECLARATION FOR ST. JAMES PLACE, A CONDOMINIUM, AND RECORDED IN THE RECORDS OF EAGLE COUNTY, COLORADO ON JUNE 7, 1990 IN BOOK 531 AT PAGE 35 AND AMENDMENTS AND SUPPLEMENTS THERETO (THE "DECLARATION"), AND AS FURTHER DESCRIBED IN THE CONDOMINIUM MAP FOR ST. JAMES PLACE, A CONDOMINIUM, RECORDED FEBRUARY 5, 1991 IN BOOK 547 AT PAGE 242, EAGLE COUNTY, COLORADO (THE "MAP"). (hereinafter referred to as "Unit R-308" or the "Property"). 4. The Property described above to be sold is all of the real property encumbered by the deed(s) and obligation(s) being foreclosed upon. 5. The Condominium Declarations have been violated by the failure to timely pay all assessments, dues, and amounts owing as to said Property. 6. The attorney representing the foreclosing Plaintiff/Judgment Creditor is as follows: Kerry H. Wallace, Colo. Bar #21033, at Goodman & Wallace, P.C., P.O. Box 1886, Edwards, CO 81632; Tele. (970) 926-4447. 7. YOU MAY HAVE AN INTEREST IN THE REAL PROPERTY BEING FORECLOSED OR HAVE CERTAIN RIGHTS OR SUFFER CERTAIN LIABILITIES PURSUANT TO COLORADO STATUTES AS A RESULT OF THE FORECLOSURE AND SHERIFF SALE. YOU MAY HAVE THE RIGHT TO REDEEM THE REAL PROPERTY OR YOU MAY HAVE THE RIGHT TO CURE THE DEFAULT UNDER THE INSTRUMENT BEING FORECLOSED. C.R.S. §§ 38-37-108, 38-38-104, 38-38-301, 38-38-302, 38-38-304, 38-38-305, & 38-38-306 ARE SOME COLORADO STATUTES THAT MAY AFFECT YOUR RIGHTS. PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE MAY NOT BE ALL OF THE COLORADO STATUTES THAT MAY BE APPLICABLE TO YOU. YOU ARE ADVISED TO CONSULT WITH YOUR OWN ATTORNEY AS TO WHAT YOUR RIGHTS MAYBE. 8. A NOTICE OF INTENT TO CURE FILED PURSUANT TO C.R.S. §38-38-104 SHALL BE FILED WITH THE OFFICER /SHERIFF AT LEAST FIFTEEN CALENDAR DAYS PRIOR TO THE FIRST SCHEDULED SALE DATE OR ANY DATE TO WHICH THE SALE IS CONTINUED. 9. A NOTICE OF INTENT TO REDEEM FILED PURSUANT TO C.R.S. §38-38-302 SHALL BE FILED WITH THE OFFICER/SHERIFF NO LATER THAN EIGHT BUSINESS DAYS AFTER THE SALE. 10. THE LIEN BEING FORECLOSED MAY NOT BE A FIRST LIEN. 11. Any inquiry to the Eagle County Sheriff should be directed to Tele. # 970-328-8500 12. THIS IS AN ATTEMPT TO COLLECT A DEBT AND ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED MAY BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE. 13. You are hereby given notice that the Eagle County Sheriff will sell pursuant to Order(s) and Writ of Execution in the above captioned case at a Sheriff Sale to occur at the below listed date, time, and location to the highest and best bidder for cash, the above described Property, and all interests and rights of the above identified Property Owner(s) and heirs and assigns in said Property. a. Date of Sheriff Sale: 12th day of July, 2019. b. Time of Sheriff Sale: 9:00, A. M. c. Location of Sheriff Sale: East door to Eagle County Justice Center, 0885 E. Chambers Avenue, Eagle, CO 81631. d. Date of First Publication: 16th day of May , 2019. e. Date of Last Publication: 13th day o June , 2019. f.Name of Publication: The Eagle Valley Enterprise. This Sheriff's Notice is signed this 2nd day of April, 2019. James Van Beek, Sheriff of Eagle County, Colorado By: Cheryle A.K. Woolsey Deputy Published in the Eagle Valley Enterprise on May 16, 23 and 30, 2019 and June 6 and 13, 2019. 0000409432