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COMBINED NOTICE - PUBLICATION CRS §38-38-103 FORECLOSURE SALE NO. 18-014 To Whom It May Concern: This Notice is given with regard to the following described Deed of Trust: On May 4, 2018, the undersigned Public Trustee caused the Notice of Election and Demand relating to the Deed of Trust described below to be recorded in the County of Eagle records. Original Grantor(s) BEN MEDINA Original Beneficiary(ies) CHASE MANHATTAN MORTGAGE CORPORATION Current Holder of Evidence of Debt J.P. MORGAN MORTGAGE ACQUISITION CORP. Date of Deed of Trust November 20, 1998 County of Recording Eagle Recording Date of Deed of Trust December 02, 1998 Recording Information (Reception No. and/or Book/Page No.) 678456 Original Principal Amount $155,000.00 Outstanding Principal Balance $90,553.40 Pursuant to CRS §38-38-101(4)(i), you are hereby notified that the covenants of the deed of trust have been violated as follows: failure to pay principal and interest when due together with all other payments provided for in the evidence of debt secured by the deed of trust and other violations thereof. THE LIEN FORECLOSED MAY NOT BE A FIRST LIEN. UNIT B6, SONNEN HALDE CONDOMINIUMS, PHASE II AS SHOWN ON THE CONDOMINIUM MAP OF SONNEN HALDE CONDOMINIUMS, PHASE II, RECORDED SEPTEMBER 11, 1991 IN BOOK 562 AT PAGE 51 AS RECEPTION NO. 458178 AND AS DEFINED AND DESCRIBED IN THE CONDOMINIUM DECLARATION RECORDED NOVEMBER 15, 1989 IN BOOK 517 AT PAGE 733 AS RECEPTION NO. 413905 AND JULY 11, 1990 IN BOOK 533 AT PAGE 388 AS RECEPTION NO. 429544 AND AMENDMENT RECORDED JULY 21, 1990 IN BOOK 533 AT PAGE 968 AS RECEPTION NO. 430124. COUNTY OF EAGLE STATE OF COLORADO Also known by street and number as: 331 NOTTINGHAM ROAD, #B-6, AVON, CO 81620. THE PROPERTY DESCRIBED HEREIN IS ALL OF THE PROPERTY CURRENTLY ENCUMBERED BY THE LIEN OF THE DEED OF TRUST. NOTICE OF SALE The current holder of the Evidence of Debt secured by the Deed of Trust, described herein, has filed Notice of Election and Demand for sale as provided by law and in said Deed of Trust. THEREFORE, Notice Is Hereby Given that I will at public auction, at 10:00 A.M. on Wednesday, 09/05/2018, at 500 Broadway, Eagle, CO 81631, sell to the highest and best bidder for cash, the said real property and all interest of the said Grantor(s), Grantor(s)' heirs and assigns therein, for the purpose of paying the indebtedness provided in said Evidence of Debt secured by the Deed of Trust, plus attorneys' fees, the expenses of sale and other items allowed by law, and will issue to the purchaser a Certificate of Purchase, all as provided by law. First Publication 7/12/2018 Last Publication 8/9/2018 Name of Publication Eagle Valley Enterprise IF THE SALE DATE IS CONTINUED TO A LATER DATE, THE DEADLINE TO FILE A NOTICE OF INTENT TO CURE BY THOSE PARTIES ENTITLED TO CURE MAY ALSO BE EXTENDED; IF THE BORROWER BELIEVES THAT A LENDER OR SERVICER HAS VIOLATED THE REQUIREMENTS FOR A SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT IN SECTION 38-38-103.1 OR THE PROHIBITION ON DUAL TRACKING IN SECTION 38-38-103.2, THE BORROWER MAY FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE COLORADO ATTORNEY GENERAL, THE FEDERAL CONSUMER FINANCIAL PROTECTION BUREAU (CFPB), OR BOTH. THE FILING OF A COMPLAINT WILL NOT STOP THE FORECLOSURE PROCESS. Colorado Attorney General 1300 Broadway, 10th Floor Denver, Colorado 80203 (800) 222-4444 Federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau P.O. Box 4503 Iowa City, Iowa 52244 (855) 411-2372 DATE: 05/04/2018 Teak Simonton, Public Trustee in and for the County of Eagle, State of Colorado By: Teak Simonton, Public Trustee The name, address, business telephone number and bar registration number of the attorney(s) representing the legal holder of the indebtedness is: Lauren Tew #45041 Randall M. Chin #31149 Monica Kadrmas #34904 Weldon P. Phillips Jr. #31827 Nichole Williams, Esq. #49611 Barrett, Frappier & Weisserman, LLP 1199 Bannock Street, Denver, CO 80204 (303) 350-3711 Attorney File # 00000007514136 The Attorney above is acting as a debt collector and is attempting to collect a debt. Any information provided may be used for that purpose. Published in the Eagle Valley Enterprise on July 12, 19 and 26, 2018 and August 2 and 9, 2018.