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AGENDA CITY OF GLENWOOD SPRINGS REGULAR CITY COUNCIL MEETING JUNE 27, 2019 101 W. 8TH STREET 6:15 PM The agenda is subject to change, including the addition of items 24 hours in advance or the deletion of items at any time. The order and times of agenda items listed are approximate and intended as a guideline for the City Council. TIME ITEM PRE-MEETING 2:45pm 1. Review of Regular Session Agenda 2. Future Agendas WORK SESSIONS 3:00pm A. Youth Smoking and Vaping 4:00pm B. Board and Commission Interviews 6:00pm Meeting Set-up REGULAR SESSION 6:15pm 1. Roll Call 2. Pledge of Allegiance 3. Agenda Changes & Conflicts 4. Citizens Appearing Before Council (for items not on the Agenda-comments limited to 3 minutes) 5. Council Comments 6. Consent Agenda All matters under consent are considered to be routine and will be enacted by one motion and vote. The titles will not be read aloud. There will be no separate discussion on these items unless a Council member or Audience Member so requests. A. Amended IGA with Glenwood Springs Rural Fire District B. Planning Item: Consideration of a Revocable License to Encroach for a Snowmelt System under a public Sidewalk Address: 210 7th Street Owner: Cottoncandy, LLC C. Minutes from the May 28, 2019 Special Meeting, June 6, 2019 Regular Meeting and June 13, 2019 Special Meeting D. Approval of ESC Substation Design Proposal E. Approval of Bid Award for a New Transit Bus F. Frontier Paving Change Order G. Resolution 2019-28; Authorizing the Mayor or Mayor Pro Tem to Execute Closing Documents Related to the Purchase of 2222 Devereux Road, Glenwood Springs, Colorado H. Resolution 2019-29; Authorizing the Mayor or Mayor Pro Tem to Execute Closing Documents Related to the Purchase of Property Adjacent to Airport Road, Glenwood Springs, Colorado I. Ordinance No 17, Series of 2019; Amending Code Section 040.020.170 - adding the definition of a local business to the Economic Development Rebate section of the code (SECOND READING) ACTIONS AND/OR PRESENTATIONS 7. Garfield Clean Energy Collaborative Board and CLEER Staff 8. Asset Management Software 9. Appointments to Boards and Commissions 10. Vacation Rentals, Consideration of 070.030.030 Text Amendments and permit requirements for Accessory Tourist Rentals and Short Term Rentals A. REVISED Resolution 2019-14; Amending Vacation Rental Application Fee and Vacation Rental Permit Application B. REVISED Ordinance No 9, Series of 2019; Revising Code Provisions to Vacation Rentals (FIRST READING) 11. Report from City Administration A. City Manager B. City Attorney C. Correspondence Incoming/Outgoing 12. Executive Session to Conduct a Conference with the City Manager and City Attorney for the Purpose of Discussing the City's Purchase, Acquisition, Lease, Transfer or Sale of Real Property; Determining Positions Relative to Matters That May be Subject to Negotiations, Developing Strategy for Negotiations, and Instructing Negotiators; and to Conduct a Conference with the City Attorney to Receive Legal Advice in Accordance with C.R.S. 24-6-402(4)(a), (b), and (e), related to the Garfield County Industrial Development, RICD, and Ross Litigation Settlement. 13. Adjournment Published in the Glenwood Post Independent on June 26, 2019. 0000444139