Notice of Demand for Issuance of Duplic

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Notice of Demand for Issuance of Duplicate Stock Certificate
in Eagle Park Reservoir Company

Eagle County, pursuant to C.R.S. §7-42-113 to 117, has filed notice and demand with Eagle Park Reservoir Company ("EPRC"), a Colorado ditch and reservoir company, doing business in Eagle County, Colorado, that (1) they are shareholders of EPRC, owning Stock Certificate No. 56 for a total of 760 Class A, Series 2 shares ("Stock Certificate"), and (2) a duplicate replacement certificate be issued by EPRC to Eagle County for the Stock Certificate.

Stock Certificate No. 56 was originally issued to Eagle County, which is the current owner of the 760 Class A, Series 2 shares in the EPRC records.

Eagle County has submitted a statement of loss that: (1) the Stock Certificate has been lost, mislaid or destroyed, (2) additional searches to find the Stock Certificate have provided futile, (3) the Stock Certificate is the property of Eagle County and (4) the Stock Certificate has not been transferred or hypothecated by Eagle County to any other party. All current assessments upon the Stock Certificate will be paid. Eagle County has made a demand EPRC for issuance of a duplicate and replacement of the Stock Certificate to be delivered to Eagle County pursuant to their shareholder ownership.

As a result of the demands by Eagle County, and pursuant to C.R.S. §7-42-113 through 117, EPRC will issue on November 23, 2020, following the last of five publications of this notice by at least 30 days, a duplicate replacement of the Stock Certificate in the name of Eagle County, as registered owner, with delivery of the new duplicate stock certificate to Eagle County as noted on the books of EPRC, unless a contrary claim is filed with EPRC prior to November 22, 2020.

Pursuant to C.R.S. §7-42-116, upon the issuance of the duplicate of the Stock Certificate, all rights under the original certificate shall immediately cease and no party may assert any claim against EPRC or any other party on account of the original Stock Certificate.

Catherine Hayes, Secretary

Eagle Park Reservoir Company
846 Forest Road
Vail, CO 81657
(970) 476-7480

First Publication: September 24, 2020
Last Publication: October 22, 2020
Published in the Eagle Valley Enterprise September 24, October 1, 8, 15, 22, 2020. 0000620696