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Notice is hereby given that the Board of County Commissioners of Pitkin County, Colorado, hereinafter the "Board," shall make final settlement for the work contracted to be done on the project known as "Construction Services for the Pitkin County Courthouse Renovation Phases 1 & II, hereinafter the "Project," to FCI Constructors, Inc. hereinafter the "Contractor," on October 5, 2020.

Any person, co-partnership, association of persons, company or corporation that has furnished labor, materials, team hire, sustenance, provisions, provender, or other supplies used or consumed by the Contractor or its subcontractors in or about the performance of the Project contracted to be done or that supplies rental machinery, tools, or equipment to the extent used in the prosecution of the Project, whose claim therefor has not been paid by the Contractor or its subcontractors shall file with the Board written verified notice of such claims at any time up to and including the time of final settlement first stated above or forever waive any and all claims, without limitation, pursuant to C.R.S. § 38-26-107, as amended, against the Board of County Commissioners, Pitkin County, Colorado and the Project.

All claims must be addressed as follows: Board of County Commissioners c/o Chris Davis, Procurement Officer 530 East Main Street, Ste. 304, Aspen, CO 81611

Published September 17 and September 24, 2020

Jeanette Jones
Deputy County Clerk

Published in the Aspen Times on September 17 and 24, 2020. 0000619003