District Court Garfield County, Colorado

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District Court
Garfield County, Colorado
Court Address: 109 Eight Street, Suite 104
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

In re:
Parental Responsibilities concerning:
Yerany, Anahi Martinez Lopez
Petitioner: Marta Esmeralda Martinez Lopez
Respondent:Ildefonso Melqueades Villegas Gomez
Case Number: 2020DR30002
Division Courtroom
Attorney or Party Without Attorney (Name and
Lucy Laffoon, Esq.
Laffoon Legal Services, LLC
1018 Grand Ave.
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601
Phone Number: (970) 945-1183
E-mail: Email Me
FAX Number: (970)549-0694
To the Respondent named above this Summons serves as a notice to appear in this case.
If you were served in the State of Colorado, you must file your Response with the clerk of this Court within 21 days after this Summons is served on you to participate in this action.
If you were served outside of the State of Colorado or you were served by publication, you must file your Response with the clerk of this Court within 35 days after this Summons is served on you to participate in this action.
You may be required to pay a filing fee with your
Response. The Response form (JDF 1420) can be found at www.courts.state.co.us by clicking on the "Self Help/Forms" tab.
The Petition requests that the Court enter a Order addressing issues involving the children such as, child support, allocation of parental responsibilities, (decision-making and parenting time), attorney fees, and costs to the extent the Court has jurisdiction.
Notice: Colorado Revised Statutes §14-10-123, provides that upon the filing of a Petition for Allocation of Parental Responsibilities by the Petitioner and Co-Petitioner, or upon personal service of the Petition and Summons on the Respondent, or upon waiver and acceptance of service by the Respondent, an automatic temporary injunction shall be in effect against both parties until the Final Order is entered, or the Petition is dismissed, or until further Order of the Court. Either party may apply to the Court for further temporary orders, an expanded
automatic temporary injunction, or modification or revocation under §14-10-125, C.R.S.
A request for genetic tests shall not prejudice the
requesting party in matters concerning allocation of parental responsibilities pursuant to §14-10-124(1.5), C.R.S. If genetic tests are not obtained prior to a
legal establishment of paternity and submitted into evidence prior to the entry of the final order, the
genetic tests may not be allowed into evidence at
a later date.
Automatic Temporary Injunction – By Order
of Colorado law, you and the other parties:
1. Are enjoined from molesting or disturbing
the peace of the other party; and
2. Are restrained from removing the minor child(ren) from the state without the consent
of all parties or an Order of the Court modifying the injunction; and
3. Are restrained, without at least 14 days
advance notification and the written consent of all other parties or an Order of the Court, from cancelling, modifying, terminating, or allowing to lapse for nonpayment of premiums, any policy of health insurance or life insurance that provides coverage to the minor child(ren) as a beneficiary of a policy.
If you fail to file a Response in this case, any or all of the matters above, or any related matters which 0000464707come before this Court, may be decided without further notice to you.
Date: November 27, 2019 Lucy Laffoon, Esq.
Signature of the Attorney for the Petitioner (if any)

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