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Top Wall Street Black Box Portfolio Software For Sale $10 Million

Hello, my name is Robert Kelly, the founder of Jackass Banker, LLC. I created and wrote the software platform for a powerful Black Box portfolio management system which is easy to use. All you need to know is excel to use this Black Box system to help you manage your investments---the code is contained in that software platform.

The system manages/steers decisions over 44 Major Capital Markets.

I am placing the Black Box up for sale. The price is $10 Million.

No one has the code, but me...and Jackass Banker has posted live when we have traded, with impressive results.

I have decided to sell this platform to continue with my writing (I am also an author---see below). If there is any interest in purchasing this software system, please call +1-917-553-0030 or email Email Me to my attention.

The following is a compelling and concise description of the platform (much more information is out on the Jackass Banker website, including time-stamped trades. This Spring over 90 days, the model portfolio was up 124%--and last year over approximately 60 days, the model portfolio was up 84%. These figures are not annualized, but did include using leverage.
Mr. Kelly's Introduction & Predictions:
Robert Kelly Predicted In 2013:
Dow Would Rise To 22,000-37,000 (The Dow was in the 15,000 Range at the Time);
The Euro Would Crash (The Euro Dropped From Close to $1.40 To $1.10); &
The Gold Price Would Drop Significantly (Gold Dropped From Nearly $2,000/To Below $1,100/Ounce at its low in 2016).
The Odds Of Making These And Other Remarkably Correct Forecasts Published in his Book, D'Apocalypse Now---The Doomsday Cycle Approach 100:1.
Mr. Kelly's 6 Books are Distributed by, Amazon And Lightning Press (a Division Of Ingram Books).
Mr. Kelly's Forecasting Success is Recounted at the "Mr. Kelly's Published Predictions" Page on the Jackass Banker's Website.
Additionally, in the Interim Period, Jackass Banker has Published Ads in Advance of Significant Changes About to Hit the Financial Markets. These Ads May be Reviewed at
Mr. Kelly's Invention:
Mr. Kelly Invented his Black Box System Using "Turtle Trading' Methodologies and Risk Management Systems. The "Turtles" Were a Group of Traders from Chicago. Many of Them Became Very Successful Traders, Including a 19-Year Old Who Learned the System and Turned $2 Million Into $34 Million in Less than Five Years.
Mr. Kelly Publicly Used his Black Box to Trade a Theoretical Portfolio in 2019 and 2018. His Activity was Meticulously Recorded via Blog (With emails Time-Stamped in 2019 via Gmail). Stunningly, Over the ninety-day period of March 26, 2019 to June 24, 2019, the Model Portfolio had Increased 124% (Not Annualized). The Trading Demonstration was also Conducted Live on the Jackass Banker Website in 2018 and in the Two-Month Period April 5, 2018-June 10, 2018, The Portfolio Increased +84% (also not annualized).
Black-Box System
The Jackass Banker Proprietary Black-Box Money Management Platform Covers 44 Markets, Including the Equities, Currencies, Debt, Commodities & Futures Markets. The System is built on Creating Data Arrays Which Provide Evidence of Which Markets may be Trending, and then issues instructions to "Go Long," or "Go Short."
The signals/instructions to "Go Long" or "Go Short," and any price levels which may be triggered and published in the Stop-Loss arrays, or in the "EXIT" instructions of the Black Box Data Array, are used to formulate investment decision-making strategies.
These signals/instructions alert the owner to make changes to futures markets, currency positions, leveraged debt positions, leveraged equities, ETFs, or even traditional portfolio positions, etc. The prices the system publishes for the "Stop Levels" are theoretical exit points if price goes against a trading position, or a trend indeed occurs.
The computerized "Stop Levels," "EXIT," and theoretical position sizing made in "Units" are designed to use risk management, diversification and market information to help manage risk and optimize portfolio performance.
The Black Box Trading System utilizes a trend-following trading methodology, in which it is assumed leverage is used to achieve increased performance.
Daily data arrays can provide positional capital allocations for 1%, 2% and 3% of capital, based on measures of volatility and owner's preference for risk. Obviously the owner of the system can adjust these percentages to the owner's desired risk tolerance level. Figures calculated by the Black Box for "Units" 1, 2, 3 & 4 represent the number of underlying contracts our model portfolio might purchase (or sell short) in a $1 million capital account (Our model portfolio utilized a "2%" Unit allocation).