Plant Inventory Manager

24480 Hwy 82, Basalt, 81621 | 08/21/2019 | Ad id: 8-0000472039-01

Silverpeak Farms located in Basalt Colorado is looking to hire a Plant Inventory Manager. Silverpeak is one of the top producers of high-quality cannabis in the industry. This is a key position within the company that requires exceptional work organization and follow-up skills, experience with METRC System, and attention to detail. Job duties include the following: Apply METRC tags to plants when plants reach the appropriate level of maturity according to MED compliance regulations Ensure all immature plant cuttings are correctly entered into METRC noting the individual mother plant origin of each cutting Liaise with the Veg House Manager to confirm when cuttings are destroyed or transplanted Create labels for new plantings using their correct mother plant ID, strain, and planting date Perform appropriate phase changes when plants are transplanted from immature cuttings to 4” pots, using METRC Track plants movements by physically scanning each plant into METRC Track changes in the mother plant group using METRC Maintain an accurate inventory of each house using a RFID scanner Ensure all plants are destroyed in compliance with MED regulations Perform appropriate phase changes when plants are transplanted from 4 gal vegetative plants to flowering plants, using METRC Coordinate with the head grower and trim staff regarding the weekly harvesting plan Generate weekly reports for the Head Grower, Compliance Manager, and Farm Manager regarding changes made within the vegetative house and flowering houses (# of REC and MED plants in the facility, # of immature plants, harvest information for the next week, phase change information from the prior week, record of plants in each house, veg to flower move inventory) Generate weekly reports for the Head Grower and Flower House Manager reflecting each new flower group inventory when plants move from vegetative to flowering Ensure all benches are labeled with corresponding harvest dates, groups, and bench numbers Create and update new strains and items in coordination with the head grower Ensure adequate supply of plant tags, labels, and all tools required to carry out plant inventory management tasks Maintain an accurate and up-to-date list of all new and present strains in the facility Maintain accurate and hard copies of all required logs and forms (clones, 4” transplants, 4 gal transplants, METRC errors, etc.). Ensure all compliance requirements are being followed Properly manifest any immature plants out of METRC by following the Manifest Completion SOP, including accurate delivery route and timing information Ensure any and all waste is recorded from live plants by the end of the day in METRC   This position requires employees to attain an occupational badge from the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division.Qualified applicants should email resume to