RN, LPN, or MOA at Primary Care Partners in Grand Junction

Grand Junction, 81502, 81601 | 05/21/2020 | Ad id: 8-0000583529-01

Western Colorado Pediatrics

Western Colorado Pediatrics has a full-time position available for an experienced RN, LPN or MOA. This position will provide initial patient care, charting, education to parents/patients; administer immunizations, medications, and other treatments ordered; assist the provider when needed and stock and maintain clean facilities for patient care.

The duties include but not limited to:

• Enjoy working with children
• Obtain and chart patient's vital statistics related to the reason for the visit
• Be able to administer immunizations
• Have back office experience
• Provide parent/patient with clinical instruction and education materials
• Call patients with test results or other information directed by the provider
• Order procedures, laboratory studies and medications as directed by the provider
• Research, administer and document immunizations as ordered
• Assist with in-office procedures as needed
• Manage and inform provider of daily patient schedule
• Enter charges for vaccines, therapeutic injections, nebulizer or other treatments given to patient, in-office labs collected and/or performed or specimen packaged for send out to lab
• Individual duties as requested/assigned by Nursing Supervisor

**Computer skills a must**
We offer excellent benefits, competitive wages, and a friendly work
environment. Applications available at www.pcpgj.com.
Please send completed application to P.O. Box 10700, Grand Junction, CO 81502, Attn: Human Resources
Applications must be received by 5 p.m. on June 4, 2020.