Postal Carrier at Delivered Services LLC. in GYPSUM

100 Oak Ridge Ct, Gypsum, 81637 | 04/01/2021 | Ad id: 8-0000675203-01

Become part of your community!US Postal Contract Gypsum, COHourly Rate: $20.88 This job consists of casing (sorting), loading, and delivering the mail to +- 560 mail boxes from the Gypsum Post Office. You are also responsible for picking up any outgoing mail in the mail boxes, unloading and returning to the Post Office. The position consists of working six days per week, Monday through Saturday. The start time is 8:30 am and can be adjusted with agreement of Postmaster and Delivered Services LLC. All postal holidays will be observed. Therefore, you will not work on postal holidays, but you will receive holiday pay ($16.34 per hour of the route).The pay rate is $16.34 per hour and an additional $4.54 an hour for health and welfare. Therefore, you will be paid $20.88, per contract hour. The job pays 7.7 hours per day. If you complete the job in 6 hours, you will still receive pay for 7.7. hours per day. Similarly, if you complete the job in 9 hours, you will still receive pay for 7.7 hours that day. Some days will take longer and some will be shorter. On average, you should work 7.7 hours daily. The pay is $160.78 per day, paid out on a monthly basis, and there are 303 working days per year. These wages are taxed and paid via W-4 and W-2.The route consists of +- 96 miles per day.You will work with the Delivered Services Manager to find a backup driver if you need off or cannot work. It is your responsibility to train and schedule and coordinate with your backup driver. You can choose to share this job weekly (for example you work Monday-Friday and your backup works every Saturday). The bottom line is that the job needs to be completed within the guidelines of the route. They may use your vehicle or must have the same coverage and insurance.You will be required to pass a background check and you will be required to provide a 5 year driving record background which is available online for about $10 to $12.You must abide by all USPS rules and regulations and most importantly make the Postmaster happy. Delivered Services LLC. Gypsum Michael Sutton (972) 342-1673