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Are you a pronator or supinator?either way we can fix those foot provlems. 
 It turns out that how your feet meet the world can be the trigger for many chronic aches.  Pronation and supination, ate totally natural problems that you deal with 10,000 times per day if you hit your walk goals.  That relationship between the foot and the ground is predictable  because the world is predictably flat.  everywhere humans exist we make our world flat.  If you pronate (collapse) 6 degrees, you work way harder than someone with only 1 degree.  Oh yeah, how much do you pronate? You don't know you say.  Until now, there has never been a way to quantify pronation.  That is exactly what Foot Foundation is.  We measure pronation.  Then we build that exact angle into any shoe to realign the angle of the world so that the world is working for you.  Essentially, now we can literally level the playing field.   Book a free functional foot screening, get measured up and see the world from an entirely different angle.     I aim to  Help you enjoy the walk Realigning the entire kinetic chain to Relax the muscles in the whole body.   Foot Foundation970.948.6218www.thefootfoundation.com Improving the quality of your work life and play