On Aug 23rd at approx 11:16am, I was

Glenwood Springs, 81601 | 08/31/2017 | Ad id: 8-0000108695

On Aug 23rd at approx 11:16am, I was pulled over by officer Levi Blount (British accent) at a Shell gas station in Glenwood Springs. The reason I was pulled over was driving on a public service road. I had just moved back to the area from Denver and this was the first time I had driven in Glenwood Springs since the construction had begun for an emergency ultrasound appointment. I crossed a white line I was not supposed to cross unless I was turning; otherwise it is only used for public transportation. I was in fact turning right to go to my appointment atValley View Hospital; however, the officer explained that I had merged to soon. He stated that he noticed I had fallowed the cars ahead of me who were in fact breaking the law and were not turning, but that he is only one officer and can only pull over one person. I made an honest mistake; I did not know that I had merged into the turning lane too soon. I provided him with my Driver's License and registration; however, I did not have my auto insurance in the car at the time. I had accidently left it at home and forgot to put it back in my car. He gave me no options other than to have my car impounded, suspend my license and leave me stranded and pregnant to walk to my appointment. The registration office almost didn't take me in because I did not have a photo I.D. the officer had taken my only form of photo I.D. At my appointment, I had high blood pressure from walking with dehydration with no water. He was very rude and had no mercy or compassion what so ever. I have a clean criminal background, clean driving record, college degree and am a law abiding innocent citizen and I have never got into trouble with the police. I was also 2 hours late to pick my daughter up from Kindergarten in Rifle where I live. Luckily a staff member stayed late to be with her. I had someone take off work to retrieve my current valid auto insurance from my home for me to present to the Police Department in order to receive a release form for my vehicle. I was charged $210 at Valley Towing in which I had to barrow because I am unemployed due to relocating and receive no child support. My car was scratched with white paint on my bumper during the process it had not been with me that was not there before. Upon paying, I had over what I owed, however they did not have change, so I paid them extra. I feel that this was harsh and things could have been handled differently, or I could have been given more options and time. On August 24th, I went to the DMV to retrieve my license with proof of current and valid auto insurance, then and was charged afee for my license. My insurance does not expire until February of 2018. I had valid insurance at the time, but it was not in my vehicle. I now face court with a $200 fine, 4 points off and another 4 points off for no insurance. Kelsie Games